Subtitle: Component title, an h2 heading appearing before component’s content.

Display option:
•    Default: Standard A-Z list, listing just the page/A-Z item title.
•    Definition list: Similar to the default A-Z list but includes the page’s summary or A-Z item’s body.

Group by category: Listed pages/A-Z items will be grouped by the category they are assigned to.

Advanced options
•    Include self: Include the current page in the listed pages.
•    Limit by tags: Only include pages/A-Z items tagged with the tags in this field.

A-Z list component fields
A-Z list component fields

Definition list A-Z List

A-Z list component works together with the A-Z item and Page settings to list items, included within it, in an alphanumerically order. Number and letter based pagination allows separation and navigation of the listed items.
Album component works together with the Album. It adds an album to a page/article and provides options to change the way the album’s content is displayed and interacted with.